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Each time you buy local, you also choose to celebrate the hard work & passion of those from here in Quebec. Giant Tiger makes it easy and fun for everyone to shop local and save EVERY DAY. So buy local and save together. Apples, milk, and chicken

Bob le Chef

"Supporting local businesses and shopping smart is something us Quebecers believe in strongly. Our province is famous for its unique food culture and locally grown produce. Giant Tiger makes it easy to Shop Quebec and discover a diverse selection of Quebec’s freshest produce at low prices."

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Food Associations

Giant Tiger believes in doing what’s right and giving back to the communities we call home by supporting our local food producers.
We make it easy and fun to shop local at everyday low prices.

Aliments Prepared in QuebecAliments du Québec

Aliments du Quebec and Aliments Prepared in Quebec

Look for the Aliments du Quebec and Aliments Prepared in Quebec logo in our Giant Tiger stores and know you are getting the best Quebec has to offer.

Dairy Farmers of Canada

Giant Tiger is proud to partner with Dairy Farmers of Canada to bring quality milk, cheese and other dairy products to you.

Canadian Pork

Canadian Pork

Giant Tiger offers Verified Canadian Pork™ products which are built on the foundation of Canada’s on-farm national standards for food safety, animal care, and traceability, combined with Canada’s world-class meat inspection system through HACCP-approved processing facilities. Canadian pork farmers do not use hormones to raise pigs in Canada.

Canadian Beef

Canadian Beef

Giant Tiger is proud to support over 60,000 dedicated Canadian beef farmers and ranchers who raise high quality beef with pride in each and every province.

Canadian Chicken

Canadian Chicken

Canadians want Canadian chicken – and for good reason! Canada’s 2,800 chicken farmers are proud to bring you the chicken you trust. Our "Raised by a Canadian Farmer" label, featured on Giant Tiger’s Canadian chicken products, offers consumers the assurance they need that their chicken is raised with some of the world's highest standards for food safety, animal care, and sustainability.

*Fresh meat is available in select stores.