Thunder Lightning Fireworks Cake Pack - 21pc.
Item# 775832
With twenty one cakes in all it is hard to pick a favourite. The Thunder Lightning Pack contains some of the best cakes in Canada! Including “The Menace”, “Mind Bender” and “Radioactive. Also included are two items from the Pro Pyro Series of Cakes, “Royal Brocade” and “Hard Core”. As a suggestion, these two cakes would make a great finale for a display as large as the Thunder Lightning Pack.

Use, storage, and transportation of fireworks are governed by local municipal by-laws. Please contact your local municipality to ensure necessary permits and regulations are in place before purchasing fireworks. Customers must be 18 years of age or older to purchase. Adult signature required on delivery.

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  • Includes: Night Magic - Cake; Galactic - Cake; Mines - Cake; Hot Tamale - Cake; Dragonfly – Cake; Grape Soda – Cake; Pharaohs Demise – Cake; Bullseye – Cake; Fish Tank – Cake; Chaos – Cake; Superfly – Cake; Redneck Ruckus – Cake; Pearl Battery – Cake; Psychedelic – Cake; Royal Brocade – Cake; Big Bubba – Cake; Hard Core – Cake; Mind Bender – Cake; Shotgun Wedding – Cake; The Menace – Cake; Radioac tive - Cake
  • 21 pieces

Firework Safety:

  • Ensure all fireworks are properly secured or buried
  • Audience must be at least minimum recommended distance away from display area
  • Remove spent fireworks and duds to a safe area and dispose of or douse with ample amounts of water
  • Set up your fireworks ahead of time and locate all fuses
  • Make sure fireworks are oriented properly with “THIS END UP”
  • Secure fireworks in sand or other suitable material for greater safety
  • Always check for wind direction and take notice of buildings, trees and other obstructions
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