NuVue Plant Halo - 9pk.
Item# 760532
With the Plant Halo you can have pest protection, a bigger harvest and faster growth this summer! This is a wonderfully organic way to grow healthier plants. The Plant Halo is ideal for flowers and vegetables. The refractive holographic film repels insects by confusing their senses while the reflective properties promote the beneficial visits by bees in pollination. The sun is reflected back onto the plant to increase exposure to the sun and accelerates photosynthesis. It also acts as an evaporation sheild, trapping moisture in the soil. The Plant Halo is easy to set up and and will last the entire growing season.


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  • Dimensions: 21.5 cm (8.5 in. dia)
  • A fast and organic way to grow bigger, healthier plants that produce more flowers, fruit or vegetables
  • The holographic upper side confuses flying insects
  • The adhesive film stops crawling bugs
  • The copper foil underside, distracts slugs and snails
  • Acts as a moisture trap to slow down rain water evaporation, keeping the ground moist longer
  • Lasts outdoors for one full growing season
  • Pack of 9