Koolatron AC Power Adaptor - 12V
Item# 735306
This is a must-have accessory to make your Koolatron 12 volt products even more versatile. The Koolatron power adapter lets you power up your 12 volt cooler through a 110/120 volt AC electrical outlet. This adapter will help power a range of Koolatron 12 volt products and accessories while only using 5 amps of power. With this adapter, you can turn your 12 volt cooler into an indoor bar fridge, or plug it in on the deck or in the garage for a cold drink while working outside. The Koolatron power adapter comes equipped with an automatic reset circuit breaker to protect against circuit overload or over charge.


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  • Converts 110/120V AC to 12V DC
  • Works as an adapter and charger
  • Powers all 12V Koolatron thermoelectric coolers and 12V accessories
  • Consumes less than 5 amps
  • Automatic reset circuit breaker
  • Made in North America