SAEM S3 Ayrton Senna Bluetooth Car and Speaker Kit
Item# 731563
The SAEM Ayrton S3 handsfree speaker system is 3 products in 1. When using this speaker in a car, the SAEM S3 will allow you to make and receive phone calls handsfree. The built-in AMS (automated motion sensor) technology works by detecting human movement in the car so that the SAEM S3 can automatically power on and off which means that the battery life can be extended way beyond other Bluetooth car kits. This extends the battery life to 32 hours talk time, 66 days standby time and up to 2 years standby in sleep mode. Another function of the A2DP is that it allows you to wirelessly play music from your phone to the speaker meaning the SAEM S3 doubles up as a portable speaker you can take anywhere. Lastly, the SAEM S3 comes bundled with a USB, 5V car adapter so you can not only charge th e device in your car, you can charge any smartphone or tablet as well.


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  • Dimensions: 118 mm x 62 mm x 9.9 mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Powerful 3W speaker system with bass enhancement and built-in A2DP
  • Unique AMS (automated motion sensor) technology with human body sensor
  • Extended battery life with 32 hours talk time
  • 1,600 hours (66 days) standby time
  • 2 years standby in sleep mode
  • 5V car charger adapter (doubles as a smartphone charger adapter)
  • Sun visor clip

In the Box:

  • SAEM S3 Ayrton Senna Bluetooth Car Kit
  • USB charging cable
  • Sun visor hanger
  • USB 5V charging kit
  • Ayrton Senna signature collection exclusive collectorÂ’s item pin badge
  • Multi-lingual user manual

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