GT DAA Roadside Service Family 1 Year Membership Package - Deluxe
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When you purchase your DAA Roadside Service membership(s), an e-mail containing registration instructions will be sent to you. Please make sure that you double-check your e-mail address when you place your order. You must use the link(s) provided in the email to access and complete the online registration for your DAA Roadside Services single membership plan. Please allow 2 business-days for membership to become active. Service calls may only be placed once you have received confirmation of your membership activation.

Dominion Automobile Association (DAA) has proudly served Canadians since 1948. DAA is backed by a network of more than 35,000 towing professionals throughout North America. With the DAA Roadside Services plans created exclusively for Giant Tiger customers, you will Never Drive Alone. Need a battery boost, tire change, tow or other emergency roadside assistance? Their service professionals are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to help you in your time of need. Affected by a mechanical breakdown or hazardous weather? Have a question regarding vehicle repairs or estimates? They have you covered with exclusive membership benefits, and now with even more great benefits, including discounts at your favorite Hotel and Car Rental Providers. 

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Family Member Plan - Each DAA Roadside Services Family Membership includes additional member cards for an unlimited number of family members living at the same home address, 1 year Membership Plan includes one printable member card, Five (5) Roadside Assistance dispatches. Up to 5 roadside assistance calls per year are included with your membership, 1 service or tow will be authorized per 24 hour period, Only 1 service will be given per mechanical breakdown. NO refunds after 30 days of activation. Should there be extenuating circumstances and a refund be requested after this time period, a pro-rated refund will be calculated as long as NO services have been utilized.

A vehicle, unfit to operate safely under its own power following a mechanical breakdown, will be towed under the membership to the nearest qualified repair facility with a licensed mechanic capable of providing automobile repairs (within 100 km of breakdown).

The service provider will deliver up to 10 litres of fuel so that you can proceed to the nearest station. The cost of fuel is your responsibility. In areas where the transportation of fuel is prohibited, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest gas station.

The service provider will attempt to boost your battery and start your vehicle, If you battery is frozen, boosting your vehicle may cause further damage. In lieu of boosting, your vehicle will be towed to an enclosed area designated by you, to allow your battery to thaw.

The service provider will install inflated and usable spare tire, or tow the vehicle to the nearest repair facility.



If you have locked your keys in your vehicle, or in the trunk of your vehicle and you have access to the trunk through the passenger compartment (i.e. automatic trunk release). DAA Roadside Assistance will dispatch a service provider to try to gain entry. DAA accepts no liability for any damage to the vehicle trying to gain entry when you have locked your keys inside.

Member is entitled to one truck with one operator for one half (1/2) hour at the scene to have his or her vehicle extricated from mud, snow or a ditch. Vehicle must be on or adjacent to a regularly traveled roadway, Cost of snow removal or shoveling will be at the member's expense.

Custom Trip routing and maps, As a member you can enjoy unlimited use of our trip routing and map services. Our custom travel plan packages provide both detailed maps and easy to-follow written directions for any journey through North America. Also updates, local tourism offices or nearby hotels, Maps - Members may call anytime for free North America, city, provincial & state maps.

The DAA Roadside service program now offers discounts at your favorite Hotel and Car Rental chains!

The Expert Opinion benefit allows our members to receive assistance in locating qualified repair facilities, second opinions regarding automobile repairs and second opinions regarding automobile repair estimates from an ASE Certified automotive specialist. For more information, please visit  http://daaprs.com/Default.aspx


If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your DAA membership, you are entitled to a full refund of your Membership fees (minus any claims paid) within the first 30 days of your membership year. To receive a refund, you must apply in writing and return your membership card.
NO refunds after 30 days of activation. Should there be extenuating circumstances and a refund be requested after this time period, a pro-rated refund will be calculated as long as NO services have been utilized. For more information, please visit  http://daaprs.com/Default.aspx