iTunes Gift Card - $50
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Take the guesswork out of giving a gift. The iTunes gift cards can be redeemed for songs, albums, audiobook, videos, and games on the iTunes store. iTunes is a free app that lets you organize and play digital music and video on your computer. It’s also a store that has everything you need to be entertained. This iTunes gift card is perfect for friends or family of any age.


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  • $50 iTunes card
  • Can be redeemed for songs, albums, audiobooks, videos, and games on the iTunes store
  • Cannot be used to buy Apple products
  • To use an iTunes gift card you must first download the latest version of iTunes
  • Gift Cards are valid for use only in the country in which they were purchased.
  • To redeem iTunes Gift Cards, go to the iT unes Store and in the ""Quick Links"" section in the right column, select “Redeem.""
  • iTunes Gift Cards are not transferable between U.S. and Canada. For example, a U.S. customer cannot send an iTunes Card to a Canadian customer, and vice versa
  • Note: Cannot be redeemed for cash or towards the purchase of other gift cards
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  • Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.