Greenway Laundry Lift Clothes Dryer
Item# 713804
The LaundryLift® is an innovative way to dry your clothes, utilizing the warm air that circulates near the ceiling while keeping damp clothes out of the way. Each individual rod is raised and lowered by a nylon cord, for easy hanging as needed. The compact design and adjustable width allows it to be installed anywhere you want!


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  • 3 individual stainless steel rods
  • Rods adjust from 0.91 m (3ft) length to a maximum of 1.5 m (5ft) length
  • Fully expanded rods equal 4.5 m (15ft) of drying space
  • Child safety string
  • Unique stop-and-lock pulley system
  • Clothes pegs, easy hang tags and wall mounted cord separator included