Kalorik Stainless Steel Rotisserie
Item# 696018
This innovatively designed Kalorik rotisserie roasts from the inside out and outside in, for juicy and tender food. Unlike traditional rotisseries which rotate the food in front of the heating elements, this rotisserie rotates the heat around and through the food! Up to twice as fast as traditional rotisserie units. Holds up to 10 lb. chicken, poultry, turkey, roast beef, ham, lamb or pork roast. Great for grilled ribs or Cornish hen in less than 30 minutes. Poultry and meat settings automatically adjust the heat for optimal results: have it - well done, medium or rare. Center heating element cooks the food from the inside for faster and more uniform, and gives your food a healthy and delicious spin as it drains away unwanted fat and grease


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  • Stainless steel housing
  • Central heating element enables roasting from the inside out, while the cavity's heating elements roast from the outside in, more uniform cooking throughout the meat, up to 50% shorter cooking times
  • Holds up to 4.5 kg (10 lb) chicken or roast
  • Poultry and meat programs
  • Central heating element can be switched off
  • Includes 6 skewers and a drip tray, all dishwasher safe
  • Digital timer with auto-off function
  • 1420W