Logos and guidelines

Please ensure that you obtain Giant Tiger's approval for the use and application of the logo before production.

Giant Tiger logo


Giant Tiger colour logo

Black & White

Giant Tiger black & white logo

Tigre Géant logo


Tigre Géant colour logo

Black & white

Tigre Géant black and white logo

Bilingual logo


Bilingual colour logo

Black & white

Bilingual black and white logo

Tiger head


Tiger head colour logo

Black & white

Tiger head black and white logo

Our guidelines at a glance document provides the information you need to understand and apply Giant Tiger's brand standards. Before anything is published, a Giant Tiger representative needs to review and approve the usage of the logo.

GIANT TIGER and GIANT TIGER & design (logo) are trademarks of Giant Tiger Stores Limited (3Giant Tiger2). As such, it is imperative that you agree to the following:

  1. You acknowledge that Giant Tiger is the owner of the trademarks and all goodwill attaching to them. You shall not directly or indirectly, assert the invalidity or contest the ownership of any of the trademarks, or counsel or assist any other person to do the same, or attempt to dilute the value of any goodwill attaching to the trademarks, or counsel or assist any other person to do the same.
  2. No dealings between Giant Tiger and you are to give to you any interest in the trademarks. Any unauthorized use of the trademarks shall constitute an infringement of the rights of Giant Tiger in and to the trademarks.
  3. You shall: (a) immediately upon the request by Giant Tiger, sign and deliver to Giant Tiger any document and do anything required by Giant Tiger to confirm Giant Tiger¹s ownership of the trademarks, maintain their validity, obtain, maintain or renew any registration of them and comply with any applicable trade name, trade mark or any other similar legislation; (b) not use the trademarks or any variation of them as part of its corporate, firm or business name or for any other purposes save and except in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement or as may otherwise be specifically authorized by Giant Tiger in writing, nor hold out or otherwise use the trademarks together with the performance of any activity, so as to incur any obligation or indebtedness in such manner as might make Giant Tiger liable therefore; (c) not register or attempt to register the trademarks anywhere in the world either in its own name or the name of any individual, corporation or other entity. You shall not take any action which might invalidate the trademarks, impair any rights of Giant Tiger in and to the trademarks, create any rights adverse to those of Giant Tiger or use the trademarks in any manner calculated to represent that it owns them; and (d) use the trademarks only in association with the wares and services requested by Giant Tiger and only in the style as registered or if not registered, as prescribed by Giant Tiger.