Live Green

As caring members of the community, we are working hard to reduce waste and energy consumption, implement efficient recycling programs, and educate our team to make better environmental decisions. Every little bit helps!


Energy conservation offers a tremendous potential for saving the environment and saving money. It's a win-win situation.

  • We're using more efficient T8 fluorescent lighting and LED lighting in our stores to save energy.
  • We've replaced old refrigeration equipment with new, more energy efficient ones.
  • We are installing building automation systems to optimize the use of heating, cooling and lighting.
  • At night, we're covering our grocery freezers with better-insulated lids to save energy.
  • As a result, in 2013 we implemented energy savings initiatives esimated to save over 3,500 MWh of electricity and 250,000 m3 of natural gas annually.


Living green means recycling more materials in our stores and offices to reduce waste in landfills and decrease consumption of our natural resources.

  • In 2013, we recycled over 9 million kg of cardboard and paper, and 815,000 kg of plastic
  • Our recycling efforts have helped us reduce the number of garbage pickups by 35% since 2011Most Giant Tiger stores offer plastic bag recycling depots (see our Store Locator for exact locations).
  • Our yellow plastic shopping bags contain 10% recycled material and are manufactured domestically.


By changing our habits, we can develop more efficient ways to reuse materials to save our planet and reduce overall expenditures.

  • We reuse our plastic hangers as long as possible.
  • We repurpose incoming packing material such as large plastic garment bags for other uses in the store.
  • Unsold merchandise is donated to charities instead of being taken to landfill sites.
  • We encourage you to use reusable shopping bags as much as possible. In fact we'll give you 3¢ off your purchase for every reusable bag we fill. Not only does this help divert plastic bags from landfill BUT it also saves you money!
  • Many of our stores charge 5 cents for each plastic bag you require. We recognize the role that we as a community partner play in diverting plastic bags from landfill. To view our customer notice please click here.