Store Development Programs

Looking to enhance your career? Check out our development programs and watch your career grow!

Store Management Internship Program

Interested in putting into practice what you have learned while studying for your degree? What better place is there to do that than right here with the people you already know.

Our 16 week paid Internship program allows you to spend time exploring how exciting managing and owning a retail franchise can be. The program gives you the opportunity to use what you have learned in the classroom to start developing your skills as an entrepreneur and hopefully one day own your own business. Imagine being involved in the local community and managing a business effectively enough to deliver the best possible experience for your customers. At Giant Tiger you can make it happen.

You qualify for the internship if you are:

  • Studying a business-related discipline,
  • In the summer of your last degree year, or
  • In your last degree year of a Co-op program, and
  • Willing to re-locate to the store with an available supervisory position.

Upon successful completion of the internship program, you will be offered a full-time position as a supervisor in a Giant Tiger store and take part in our next Management Development Program. During this training you will have the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills which will set you on a path to operating and owning a Giant Tiger franchise.

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Management Development Program

Once you become a supervisor in one of our Giant Tiger stores, our internal Management Development Program (MDP) will enhance your current skills and support you on your journey to become a Franchise Owner/Operator.

The MDP Phase III  gives you the flexibility to complete the 3 phases in succession over 3 years or at your own pace. Each phase is focused on broadening your understanding on the Giant Tiger System, not only in the areas that you are responsible for but also focusing on key factors that influence profit. The MDP Program allows you time to look at and enhance your leadership skills, along with learning how to support the GT Brand Pillar of “More Connected and Committed to Your Community”.

The MDP Program provides the opportunity to enhance your skills and lay the groundwork for an exciting career as a Franchise Owner/Operator. The first step is to apply for a role at one of our Giant Tiger Stores.

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