At Giant Tiger we believe that when your customers are your neighbours you want to do things right. Adding murals helps to brighten our store exteriors and adds to the beautification of the towns we are located in. Mural artist Pierre Hardy is a native of Ottawa and has been using his artistic talents on Giant Tiger stores since 1991. Giant Tiger locations which offer his works of art include: Ottawa, Smiths Falls, Pembroke, Prescott, New Liskeard, Napanee, Mont Laurier, Picton, Cornwall, St. Jerome, Deep River, Lakefield, Granby, Shawinigan Sud, Saint-Jovite, L'Annonciation, Listowel, Shawville and Gavenhurst. Please look through our gallery of murals and next time you visit one of our mural locations take a step back and enjoy the fabulous work of Pierre Hardy.

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Ottawa, Ontario - A Tribute to the Franco-Ontarians

In July, 1992 celebrated Canadian mural artist, Pierre Hardy, created a magnificent mural in the alleyway of Giant Tiger, 98 George Street, in Ottawa's Byward Market.

"A tribute to the Franco-Ontarians" covers 2000 square feet. The mural illustrates Pierre Hardy's artist interpretation and factual Franco-Ontarian impression. "I hope this tribute to the Franco-Ontarians will create a sense of belonging, enrich our community, history, our heritage and our future. I also hope this mural will add to the pride and sense of imagination of the Franco-Ontarians" said Hardy while working on the mural.

Visit the original Giant Tiger store at 98 George Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Pembroke, Ontario - Marching Towards the Millennium

"A celebration of the pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Pembroke since 1828". This fabulous mural was installed in the year 2000. It spans approximately 264 feet with over 100 historical and current residents of Pembroke painted on it. It starts with Peter White, founder of Pembroke and ends with the Millennium baby. This spectacular mural is the largest of its kind in Eastern Ontario, and Giant Tiger is proud to be the home of it.

Visit Giant Tiger at 171 Alexander Street, Pembroke, Ontario

Smith Falls, Ontario - Tiger Family

This very special mural was installed in the Spring (May) 1997. The mural depicts a Large Mother Tiger sitting behind a Tiger Cub.This is one of the few murals that Pierre Hardy has done that is in a vertical format. "The best mural concepts are the ones that deal harmoniously with the full scale of the wall space available. The Smiths Falls Tiger mural shows a perfect balance of all this quality. As soon as you enter the parking lot, the mural starts calling upon your senses, and it is visually effective when you sit on the bench that was placed just underneath it. It is visually powerful and yet this mural also conveys other impressions which are within the viewer. A sense of the bond between the parent and the child. Both the mature tiger and its cub are looking out in a thoughtful and peaceful way, the way of the wild but yet a way that we too are aspiring to." explains Pierre Hardy.

The mural was dedicated to Carl Murphy who passed away in June, 1997. Carl was the food manager in the Smiths Falls store. He was a hard working, dedicated team player who was a lot like the "Mother Tiger" in the mural. Carl preferred to stay in the background but always helped and guided his staff to get the job done on time.

Visit Giant Tiger at 29 Chambers Street, Smiths Falls, Ontario

Prescott, Ontario - Watchful Eyes

This fabulous mural was installed in 1996. "Amongst my favourites is the Prescott Tiger mural, a bold rendering of a close-up of a Tiger. Although only the eyes and muzzle are represented, you definitely recognize a Tiger in full vivid energy. This mural concept was designed to be appreciated from a highway more than 500 feet away. It looks so real and yet, it was painted with large sponge-like strokes, almost like an abstract painting." says Pierre Hardy.

Visit Giant Tiger at 103 Churchill Road, Prescott, Ontario

Napanee, Ontario - Archways to Napanee

This 12 foot high and 134 foot long mural was installed in August 1995. It echoes four major heritage landmarks of beautiful Napanee. This wonderful mural shows the 1826 home of Napanee founder, Allan MacPherson - The MacPherson House. The town hall of Napanee is depicted in the mural as it would have looked in the 1940's. Constructed in 1856, this building was designated by the Historic Monuments Board of Canada in 1993 as a building of national historical significance. The next piece of the mural is The Old Post Office of 1921. The Napanee Falls are depicted before 1909.

"I created a similar large scale Tiger mural concept (to the Prescott mural) for the Napanee Giant Tiger. Today, this mural can still be counted among my major works. The tiger images are placed in a progressive sequence to create an animation of a tiger following the viewers as they drive by. The tiger just won't let you out of his sight! For this project, I added a dynamic dimension to the large scale images. In my opinion, a one of a kind mural painting in Canada!" describes Pierre Hardy.

Visit Giant Tiger at 13 Industrial Boulevard, Napanee, Ontario

Mont Laurier, Québec - Jean-Guy & Si La Lievre M.C.

This great mural represents Jean-Baptiste Reid's and Curé Génier's undertaking. Cécile Reid Brisebois and Maurice Lalonde express the significance of this mural in their own words.

Jean-Baptiste Reid's undertaking. In 1910, Jean-Baptiste Reid bought property along the l'Orignal Rapids to build a hydro-electrical station the following year. Inspired by Salim Alix's project, a Mont Laurier pioneer, J.B. Reid devoted most of his life to the realization of this station. Cécile Reid Brisebois

Curé Génier's undertaking. Mont Laurier was founded with its judiciary headquarters, train station and first rate educational, religious and economical centres in northern Québec. They represent the first undertakings of the 3rd priest of Mont Laurier. Mr. Génier was, if I may say, a second Curé Labelle. Maurice Lalonde

Visit Tigre Géant at 414 Rue Dupont, Mont Laurier, Québec

Rockland, Ontario - Reminiscence of a beautiful past

This mural illustrates the rich heritage of Rockland's Franco-Ontarian community in the 1890 to 1920 era. It is composed of three sections inspired by local archive pictures. The left mural section depicts Rockland's lumber industry, a major source of development and employment led by W.C. Edwards. The center mural shows the Russell tug boat used to haul log rafts from The Gatineau River to the Edwards Mills in Rockland; a portrait of the Laporte Family; members of Rockland's first marching band in 1896; and the Grey Sisters convent. The right mural illustrates Rockland's main street around 1910; and Hector Dallaire, Rockland's hockey legend, wearing the Montreal Canadians uniform 1912 to 1914.

Visit Giant Tiger at 1657 Laurier Street, Rockland, Ontario

Picton, Ontario - Tigers

Tiger murals appeal to a wide audience and are both bold and striking. The Picton mural inspires the viewers with a comforting sense of belonging and family values.

Visit Giant Tiger at 20 Elizabeth Street, Picton, Ontario

Cornwall, Ontario - Tigers

Each one of Pierre Hardy's mural projects has its own character. Installed in 1997, Pierre Hardy's quest for originality and creativity brought forth the beautiful Cornwall tigers.

Visit Giant Tiger at 837 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario

Valleyfield, Québec - The powerful significance of water

The water in this mural is the force of nature that drives imagination and the significant role the Valleyfield regattas plays in the community. This rich part of Valleyfield's history was painted by 16 foot sections and combined different painting techniques such as sponging, faux finishing and air brushing. This distinctive form of art is the first mural the artist created using jagged shapes.

Visit Tigre Géant at 1360 boulevard Mgr. Langlois, Valleyfield, Québec

Lakefield, Ontario - Tigers

Tigers are a universal icon that have inspired Pierre Hardy for over 10 years. Pierre used the tigers in Lakefield to reinforce the Giant Tiger banner.

Visit Giant Tiger at 2704 Lakefield Road, Lakefield, Ontario

Granby, Québec - Tribute to Horace Boivin

This mural was installed in 1993 in honour of Mr. Horace Boivin, founder of the fabulous Granby Zoo and mayor of Granby from 1939 to 1964.

Visit Tigre Géant at 85 rue Robichaud, Granby, Québec

Ste. Agathe, Québec

Nestled in the picturesque Laurentians, the beautiful community of Ste. Agathe hosts a colourful mural depicting the region's rich heritage. Many Giant Tiger clients stop to admire Pierre Hardy's handy work.

Visit Tigre Géant at 451 rue Léonard, Ste. Agathe, Québec

L'Annonciation, Québec - Tribute to Northern Wildlife

These beautiful murals were created in 1998 and represent L'Annonciation's wildlife. Because L'Annonciation is located in a tourist region with parks and reserves, the bears are very meaningful. Hunting and fishing are very popular and as a result, tourism is always at its peak in the region. These murals are noticed by visitors and are well admired and photographed.

Visit Tigre Géant at 1620 Principale Nord, L'Annonciation, Québec

Listowel, Ontario - Tigers

As a part of Giant Tiger's building beautification process, a wonderful 72 foot mural was installed in September 1996. Listowel is an important part of the Tiger creations that mural artist Pierre Hardy has brought to the walls of Giant Tiger stores.

Visit Giant Tiger at 201 Main Street East, Listowel, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario - A Tribute to Canadian Wildlife

Celebrated Canadian wildlife artist, Pierre Hardy, created a spectacular mural on the outside of Giant Tiger, 2480 Walkley Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in October 1997.

"A Tribute to Canadian Wildlife" is 8 feet high and 128 feet long. Two different 64 foot sections make up its length on either side of the Giant Tiger entrance. The mural illustrates Canadian animals as well as the diverse landscapes of Canada. The animals featured on the mural include a Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Blue Heron, Polar Bear, Great Horned Owl, White Tailed Deer, Wolf, Loon, Moose, Raccoon, Atlantic Puffin, Red Fox and Canadian Geese. Each animal's face is more than 6 feet high. This extraordinary mural is a delight to both parents and children alike.

The Walkley Road Tigers mural was developed as if they were "lounging" under the evergreens planted nearby.

Visit Giant Tiger at 2480 Walkley Road, Ottawa, Ontario

Gravenhurst, Ontario - Tigers

The Gravenhurst mural was positioned along the sidewalk. As Pierre Hardy explains, "Once you stand in front of a mural you are invited to become part of it." Visitors are encouraged to take pictures in front of the mural and as it is the perfect backdrop for special photos.

Visit Giant Tiger at 180 Brock Street East, Graventhurst, Ontario

Mont Tremblant, Québec - Tribute to the Founders of Saint-Jovite

This beautiful mural was created in 1999 as a tribute to the founders of Saint-Jovite.

Visit Tigre Géant at 945 rue Ouimet, Mont Tremblant, Québec

Shawville, Québec - Four seasons in the Pontiac

Four seasons in the Pontiac" was unveiled in June 2001. The mural depicts the history of the Pontiac region using key elements and recognizes all areas of the surrounding community in their glory, during the four seasons of the year.

The left of the mural illustrates the church in Vinton, Fort Coulonge with its red covered bridge, the Bryson House, old time loggers standing on the boom, hunting and the cycle park. Continuing down the highway is the church in Campbell's Bay, the region's history, hockey on a pond, dog sledding versus snowmobiling, a canoe versus white water rafting, and High Falls and its wolves. Chief Pontiac is shown in the center along with the church in Ladysmith. Shawville depicts agriculture and the fair and well as one of the old, lost to fire, buildings at the fair grounds. Above the Shawville area, is a maple syrup shack in spring. Fishing is illustrated on a lake above Shawville. The cottage area of Norway Bay is depicted with the old and famous River View Inn with women standing on a log with old time bathing suits. In the water is someone swimming holding onto a speedboat. The mural ends in Quyon with the church and the Quyon ferry crossing the Ottawa River.

Visit Tigre Géant at route 148, Shawville, Québec

St-Jérôme, Québec - Bridge Mural


This mural, created in September 2000, represents the northern river, source of economical development of Saint-Jérôme and the Vanier bridge. From left to right, the mural illustrates the Rolland paper mill, the Dominion rubber factory, the textile factory and the Regent Knitting Mills. Also represented are one of the first inhabitants, Testar de Montigny (1818), first Mayor, Godfroy Laviolette (1856) and curé Labelle "King of the north".

Visit Tigre Géant at 312 rue St-Georges, St-Jérôme, Québec

Magog, Québec - The Estrie Region's history at a glance

This 70 foot colossal full-colour mural depicts this region's historical landmarks in all of its glorious seasons, including Lake Memphremagog, Owl's Head Mountain, Balance Rock, Magog's Vieux Clocher, just to name a few. It also illustrates figures from Eastern Townships history, including inventor Joseph-Armand Bombardier, as well as predominant wildlife.

Visit Tigre Géant at 1730 rue Sherbrooke, Magog, Québec