Charitable Giving Application

Welcome to Giant Tiger's Charitable Giving Application.

We aim to do the greatest good possible, for the greatest number of people in Giant Tiger communities.

Application process:

  • The deadline for submission each year is March 31st.
  • We request that all applications be submitted online through this website.
  • The annual selection process will be completed by June 30. All charitable funds will be issued the first week of August.
  • If you wish information on your application or the process please email Giant Tiger Stores Limited at

Eligibility guidelines:

Please read the following carefully before applying to ensure that your charity is a match for our business.

  • Request is over $2,000 (If this is a request for sponsorship of a local event please go to
    Sponsorship Request Form)
  • Applicants must be charitable organizations recognized by Revenue Canada.
  • The charity must be in operation for no less than 5 years prior to application date.
  • Charities that benefit youth, families and health care are our primary focus. We look at programs that make a tangible difference in the communities we call home.
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial responsibility; charities seeking deficit financing will not be considered.
  • Charities selected are required to be accountable and report the use of proceeds.
  • You are requesting support for a specific program.

The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Private clubs;
  • Religious organizations;
  • Political parties or advocacy groups;
  • Individuals;
  • Private schools;
  • Charities located outside Canada;
  • Research projects;
  • Multi-year donation requests;
  • Third party fundraising;
  • Capital Campaigns.

Before pressing the “Submit form” button, we recommend that you make a copy of your completed form for your files.

The Giant Tiger Charitable Giving Program is currently being reworked to provide a more user friendly experience. Applications will be available as of February 1st, 2017.